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Moving to the music.

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This community is for fans of japanese Hip Hop,R&B and RAP. I don't really see any communitys for the type of music i usualy listen too, but there seem's to be alot of J-Pop communities but i don't give a damn about Morning Musume or Hamasaki Ayumi, so if your looking for a community that centers more around the hip hop scene you have come to the right place, if possible i would like to keep this community J-pop free, Thanks.


1.If your new Introduce yourself.

2.Be nice to everyone else.

3.You guys can advertise as long as it's Hip Hop,R&B or Rap related.

4.Foreign Hip hop,Rap or R&B is welcomed, but please no AMERICAN ones(I have my fair share of groups i like in America, if anything there a big influence for hip hop in japan. but we can turn on MTV and see more about these)

5. NO J-POP!

6. If it's a long post or you have many pictures use a LJ-cut.

This community is pretty new so it looks shabby but il work on this, and beside the rules just have fun you guys.
(Only ive only added a few artist to the intrest for now, but if you have any to suggest besides that ones i have missed please go ahead and tell me.)